Some Amazingly Unexpected Eating Tips to Fight Cavity

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Regular brushing, avoiding sugary candies, daily flossing and avoiding caffeine can lead to prevention of tooth decay but it is a matter of lifestyle rather than spending five minutes in front of the bathroom mirror each morning. Find more tips about dental care with Nadia Kiderman blog. Tooth decay is caused by cavities which are the result of a number of foods and drinks. However, that is just one side of the story and there is definitely another side to it which means there are foods that help fight cavities. If you want to have decay free amazing teeth, then you simply need to increase the intake of these amazing foods that will help you get free from tooth decay without any effort or professional help:

1.    Eating Cheese

Who said cheese is bad? It is definitely not bad when it comes to better protection of your teeth. You might be surprised to know that according to scientific research cheese contains a protein called casein which helps promote the greater health of the teeth and gums and prevent decay. Furthermore, cheese contains calcium and with an increased level of calcium in the mouth your teeth become stronger and there are lesser chances of the cavity.

2.    Chewing Gum

Chewing gums when they are sugar-free are highly recommended for the protection of your teeth especially from tooth decay and cavities. This is because Xylitol the sweetening substitute for sugar is important in fighting cavities which do not let the cavities grow or metabolize using any acid provided by the Xylitol. It is best consumed in the form of chewing gum or mint and should be taken 3 to 5 times daily in order to ensure better results. However, you need to ensure before use that the amount you are taking is sufficient.

3.    Candies

Now you must be actually surprised because since we were very young we were often told that candies are definitely the worst enemies of our teeth. However, sugar-free candies just like sugar-free gums are in no way harmful for your teeth and you can enjoy having as many as you like. It is even better if the sugar-free candies contain Xylitol which helps fight tooth decay and cavities and helps in greater protection of your teeth. Many candies and lollipops nowadays contain considerable amounts of Xylitol sufficient for the protection of your teeth.

4.    Using a Straw

Craving for your favorite carbonated drink? Do you think you can’t have it as it causes cavity? Are you tired of ditching your favorite soda drinks? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then here is some good news for you that you can enjoy limited amounts of these sugary soda drinks if you drink them with a straw and avoid contact with your teeth.  This will greatly help you avoid cavities or tooth decay and protect your teeth but it is always advisable not to take excessively carbonated drinks because they can affect your health in a number of ways.


Thus, these four eating tips can surely make a difference which you will realize after following them.

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