Honesty and Dentistry

The actual practice of dentistry is by no means an easy one. It’s a challenging task at times. Not just working together with your colleagues, but also with your patient.

You need to make sure to maintain a good rapport with all of your patients and treat them with the utmost level of respect, integrity and professionalism.

Often times there can be miscommunications between the Dentist and the patient. These miscommunications can come in all forms. Whether it’s related to an actual operation, to the billing process or something else, it’s always important for the dentist to be upfront and fully honest.

Unfortunately there have been misperceptions about the dental profession because of a few bad apples. We cannot allow a few bad apples to destroy our good name and profession as a whole.

Whether you’re billing a private insurance company or medicare, or whether you’re simply being paid by personal check the billing process must be handled with care and transparency.

We have all heard too many horror stories that patients have experienced as a result of deceptive billing processes. These horror stories have not only been heard by us, but by the public writ large.

They’ve responded. And many have ceased their visitation to their respective dentists. Others have begun coming only periodically as opposed to before when they would come to their dentist’s office fairly regularly.

It’s an unfortunate situation when any profession is defined by a few bad apples. They certainly don’t speak for us and they don’t certainly don’t speak for me.

No matter what your occupation is in whatever field, it’s integral that you focus on maintaing a great amount of integrity through your business dealings. The field of dentistry is no exception.

Be honest. It’ll make your workspace a better place and it’ll make your business-place a better place as well. It will pay dividends down the road.


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