How we can fix OUR PR problem

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that people don’t enjoy paying their Dentists a visit. Even while it’s for their own well being and they are fully aware of that, still people are hesitant about going to their dentist.

But how do we rectify this issue? There must be a way. And there certainly is.

Dentistry is a practice that is meant to ensure that the health of the patient’s teeth are preserved and enhanced. Why is it that whenever I see or read media I see representatives of other fields of medicine in the press?

It’s a fundamental issue that for some reason our field does not get as much attention as others in the healthcare field.

It’s an issue that can be fixed and should be. The American Dentists’ Association should retain the services of a public relations agency that’s role will be to put qualified spokespeople representing our field on all media platforms that exist.

That should not only include traditional media such as various television outlets and print press.

It should also include press online. On all the frequently visited blogs and others. So this time whenever there’s a story involving a dentist or a catastrophic experience a patient had at the dentist’s office there’s somebody representing our interests in the media.

It’s simply not fair that our field’s reputation is suffering because such a step has yet to be taken. This has to change.

Ultimately, it’s not that complicated an issue to change. We have a serious perception problem. And in the business of communications, perception truly is reality. In fact, often times perception matters whereas reality doesn’t.

This is especially the case when it comes to the media and how viewers and readers see things.

I call upon the ADA to take this necessary steps and I urge my colleagues to join me in being vocal about this important issue.

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