Professional Dentistry with Dr. Nadia Kiderman

Having graduated with a doctoral degree in dentistry from Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Nadia Kiderman has worked to establish a reputable private professional practice in New York City. With her background in operative trauma treatment and reconstructive surgery during her Bellevue Hospital Center residency, Dr. Kiderman has developed an esteemed history in the medical field. Dr. Kiderman’s concern for the accessibility of quality health service extended outside of her clinic and led to her establishing the Physicians Network Group in which she serves as CEO. Their mission is to network with professionals in the medical service industry such as hospitals and nursing facilities in order to cultivate an environment in which the finest medical care for patients is provided.

In order to actively encourage the development of proper dental hygiene and maintenance, Dr. Kiderman provides a free blog on her personal website for her clients as well as the general public to obtain guidance with improving their dental habits. Her blog advises on numerous topics ranging from a child’s first visit to a dental clinic to helping a person recognize whether they have a good dentist who provides proper dental care. Visitors to her blog will discover that she provides current dental hygienic advice and are welcome to contact her by leaving comments which allow her to actively interact with her followers. When asked how to establish good dental habits, Dr. Kiderman advocates that those habits should be groomed in children at a young when they are susceptible to developing long-term grooming habits. She strongly advises that a combination of brushing, flossing and a sensible diet are the foundations for not only good oral hygiene but also serves as a key indicator of a responsible individual. Prospective clients are welcome to schedule a dental consultation with Dr. Nadia Kiderman at her dentistry clinic located at 50 Park Avenue in New York City.

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