Regular Use of Bacteria-Killing Mouthwash by Pregnant Women May Reduce Premature Birth

Pregnant woman using mouthwash

A new study suggests that expectant moms who are suffering from teeth and gum related problems are less likely to deliver premature babies if they use mouthwash regularly as directed throughout their pregnancy. Many expecting mothers have great difficulty with the idea of flossing and using mouthwash two times a day. How do a pregnant woman stick to the routine when there are lots of other things to do? After all, food and pills provide the needed nourishment, nourishment is nurturing and nurturing is loving the baby inside.

Health of the unborn child is directly in relation to the mother’s oral condition and hygiene, according to the study. With periodontal disease and untreated gums, the mother will have more preemies in the present and future. The new study also found that using alcohol-free mouth rinse regularly reduced women’s risk of early labor by 75 percent.

For many women across the world this is extremely encouraging and a better way to manage pregnancy. Another research involved 71 pregnant women with gum disease who were told to rinse twice a day for 30 seconds. The results were astonishing – only 4 mothers delivered their babies prematurely compared to 15 percent in the conventional group.

Why is mouthwash so easy on the teeth and health? There are many reasons. First, these mothers fear they will deprive their child of some essential nutrient by not taking care of the teeth properly. Second, mouthwash or rinse is a less-invasive method to keep the gums clean and typically costs under 10 bucks.

A strong teeth set can make it very difficult for any bacteria to invade the body, as most of us probably have experienced. It’s simply easier to use mouthwash. Pregnant women with periodontal disease are tow times more likely to suffer from heart disease as well as arterial narrowing because of bacteria in their mouth.

The time has come to set aside other conflicting theories and recognize that the very best thing a pregnant woman can do to her yet-to-be born child is taking care of teeth health. Setting a goal to rinse daily is a real challenge for some. But one of the most loving things a would-be mother can do is to follow this rule. In time, someone with gum issues can settle into a rhythm that allows for a small sacrifice of time and ultimately progress.

In truth, setting time for mouth rise is no different from setting time for other chores like eating and sleeping. Sometimes, the toothpaste is enough to go on. But there are countless situations that require more than just brushing. That’s what being a good potential mother is all about.

Mouth rinse choices are no different. Over the course, the mother will come across which product works best for her, it is important to make sure that the product is alcohol free. Being flexible, open to try different products that are safe and healthy for teeth can prevent battles and lead to true health. Just like soft-brush and floss are good for the teeth, mild mouthwash works best at first. In essence, eating food to nourish the body when pregnant is a good thing. And making that experience enjoyable and safe is part of pregnancy as well.

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